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  HOT TEA is a mobile service bicycle-driven cart that hosted a series of mini-events throughout the neighborhood of Chinatown North, Philadelphia, from April- December 2013. HOT TEA is a strategy to activate underutilized spaces in the neighborhood, bring attention to needed services, and create a gathering place for exchange among neighborhood residents and workers.     Hot Tea is a project of  Asian Arts Initiative' s Social Practice Lab and funded by an ArtPlace America grant.
  Mix Mart  is a collaborative project I created with artist Kathryn Sclavi initially as part of the exhibition   Recipro•city,   an inquiry into contemporary practices of communal exchange. The exhibit investigated the notion of the physical, emotional and spiritual act of sharing as an art practice. Mix Mart was also presented in a mobile outdoor format as part of the 2012 FIGMENT Fest on Governor's Island in New York.   Mix-Mart  is a market booth for creating, collecting, listening to, trading, and talking about mix tapes and the stories of their creation, gifting and receiving. Mix-Mart serves as a temporary space for visitors to make discoveries of new music, as well as to curate themselves directly into this exhibition. A quilted fabric market booth isstocked with personal mix tapes and CDs for participants to listen to and copy, and visitors are encouraged to add their own new mix tapes and read about others’ tapes.